Raising Your Child In A Difficult World

The parents are the key to making the dynamic change that our young people need. Many of our young people are starving for the boundaries parents can and should provide. The goal of this workshop will provide an awareness of the problem, an understanding of the problem and how to apply that to our young people. " The time to teach obedience to authority is in the playpen instead of the State pen."

Parental discipline means everything in training our youth. We must begin early and be consistent. If parents don't discipline, our society will. Our societies' discipline is harsh and often final. Discipline is not something you do to the child; it is something you do for the child. Rebellious behavior usually represents more of a desire to do what is forbidden, rather than an expression of independence and self-assertion. It is also a rejection of adult authority. When a parent refuses to accept their child's defiant challenge, something changes in their relationship. The youngster begins to look at his parent with disrespect; they are unworthy of his allegiance.

This work shop will cover topics like:

• Active supervision
• Who is my child with?
• What is my child going to be doing?
• Where is my child going to be?
• When will my child be home?
• Why should I let my child go?
• Six step action plans
• Tell your child how you feel
• Establish the rule
• Consequences

Ken Bell is the parent of 5 children, all are successful young adults, and has been a youth counselor and co-director of the youth department at his church for the past 25 years.

Ken is also a certificated behavioral consultant, dealing with young people, thru the Institute for Motivational living. Ken has provided parental training and workshops to many agencies, community and school groups

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