Here is just a brief sampling of Ken Bell's accolades:

Conducted instructional courses for the following groups or agencies:
Denver Colorado, Colorado Gang Association
Los Angeles County Public Defender's Office
United States Air Force Police, Intelligence Unit Fairfield, AFB
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Dept. Academy
Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office
Santa Monica Police Dept.
California Highway Patrol

Instructed Law Enforcement and Civic Leaders in the following Cities:
Phoenix, Arizona
Jekel Island, Georgia
Colorado Springs, Colorado
San Antonio, Texas
Reno, Nevada
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Knoxville, Tennessee
Anoka, Minnesota
Appleton, Wisconsin

- Subject of a Gang special called :Racial Gang Tension” aired on the National Geographic Channel, 2008
- Subject of several Gang Specials and documentaries called “Gangland” Aired on History Channel
Television 2007-2008
- Subject of a Gang Special called “American Gangster” aired on BET Television, 2008
- Panel participant on the Los Angeles Radio Station 102.3 FM, “Jackie Stephens” Show on
Youth and Parenting concerns, July 2001
- Subject of a Gang Special program, Knoxville Tennessee, 1995 and 1996
- Subject of a Juvenile Gang Special Program, Channel 10, Las Vegas, Nevada, May 1994
- Subject of a News Segment on Gangs, Channel 29, WTXF, Philadelphia, PA, December-1992
- Subject of "Special Peace Week," Radio Station KKLA, 99.5 FM, April 1992
- Subject of a Gang program, Channel 11, Appleton Wisconsin, 1992
- Subject of a Gang Truce Program, "The Today Show," ABC Network, May 1992
- Subject of a Special Gang Program, CBS Channel 2, May 1992

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