Teacher & Staff Training

Ken Bell
has been involved in the field of education for over 30 years. He taught in the Los Angeles city school district for ten years as a teacher, teaching a class titled "Student and the Law". He also functioned as the resource officer on campus during the same time. Ken devised security procedures during major campus functions, potential volatile sporting events and has dealt with campus riots and campus shootings. The school campuses Ken worked had frequent gang rival confrontations that required a very alert and trained staff. Ken is also a 25-year School Board member in Duarte, California, which has allowed him to have a unique perspective regarding the whole educational process. Ken's experience affords him information that involves educational policy making, staffing, security and law enforcement systems.

This workshop will deal with the awareness of students that display deviant behavioral problems, an understanding of that type of subculture and how security staff, teachers and administrators can apply methods for a safe campus environment.

This workshop will include:

• Staff attitude (strong, united and visible)
• Awareness level-must know students and community
• Developing a pre-crisis plan
• Not allowing street ethics to become accepted
• Law enforcement liaison critical
• Parental involvement
• Prevention/intervention methods
• Responding to campus incidents
• Security-campus sports and social events

These work shops can be structured to fit a staff development day, after school, or for a community, PTA type of work shop.
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