Wellness & Stress Management for Law Enforcement Personnel

This class will elevate officer’s awareness regarding wellness and health management. It will emphasize wellness topics including proper nutrition, regular exercise, work place stress,, How important sleep is and the importance of good family relationships. Additional benefits covered in this class are providing healthy life styles, increasing worker productivity, injury reduction, improving morale, improved personal physical and department images and adequate preparation for retirement.

Performance objectives:
1. Define what wellness and stress is
2. List ways to manage stress
3. What keeps you motivated daily in this profession
4. Potential benefits for employers and employees
5. Explain the importance of pursuing life outside the job
6. Look at ways to deal with low morale
7. Learn to deal with shift work and time management
8. Retirement is not just about finances/must prepare for relationship changes
9. Officers and staff survival tips
10. Retirement do’s and don't
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